Friday, January 25, 2013

Blasters & Bulkheads 2nd Ed.

While I've mentioned this elsewhere, I've not promulgated it here, so here goes!

Joe D. and I have been talking about getting B&B onto Lulu so folks can get proper, POD copies of the rules. Heck, I want one!

Anyway, the way we laid out and designed the old rules 2 years ago does not allow us to just upload it to Lulu as is. We need to make significant changes in the layout files. So we decided that, given what we've learned in the intervening two years, we might as well just do new layout better suited to POD.

Right now I am going back through the manuscript and tidying stuff up, and where  possible, adding refinements to the rules. We're going to add new art (replacing the miniature photography), a few new races, and some refined rules elements. I learned a bit writing Goalsystem Delves, so some of that (especially the maneuvers) will make its way into B&B 2nd ed. The overall tone, while still remaining cinematic, will be somewhat less "Star Wars" and somewhat more generic. This will mainly be reflected in some changes to power names, backgrounds, etc.

I'm also proud to announce that we'll have jazzy new cover art from industry pro Rich Yanizeski, a tragically under-utilized talent, but we aim to change that!

Just a note, I am not changing the damage system over to damage rolls; I prefer the DN system  for B&B and other more "shooty" games.

Anyway, if you have B&B and noticed any significant errata or had a suggestion, let me know here or by PM,  and I will consider it for incorporation. Schedule-wise we plan to have this up on Lulu by mid-March, and anyone who bought the original B&B will be eligible to purchase the PDF of this 2nd ed. at 50% off (so it will cost you around $5).  More on this when I have cool stuff to share!

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