Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hordes: The Albino Impaler

Here's some shots of the albino Impaler for my Madrak force. The white skin will also make telling him apart from the other Impaler quite easy!

Blurry pic, but Madrak has his escort now!

Next up, the Axer! 

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  1. Great looking mini and paintjob the whole force looks great so far.

  2. Nice paint job on the albino! How easy would it be to convert the new plastics to a new pose? If I recall, the old metals made it a real pain to repose both the axer and the impaler with the way they chose to separate the parts.

  3. Thanks, guys!

    Brian, knowing your considerable abilities, I think you could manage it. The legs are unconvertable. They're a solid chunk of plastic. You could sculpt stuff on top of them. Maybe a turkey or a ham? Trolls do like to eat.

    The arms are where you could do some stuff. It would require some clean cuts with the jeweler's saw, then some repositioning and green stuff work. Creating a two-handed spear grip or switching from right to left are the most obvious and ambitious options.

    Hope this helps!