Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alpha Strike: A Base-ic Problem

Our foray into 3mm (1/600) Alpha Strike has hit a snag as we wait for bases to arrive from various providers.  I want to do this whole thing "right," and for me that means cool-looking hex bases of the appropriate size.  So I've ordered 15mm and 20mm width hex bases from both Litko and Sarissa and now its a race to see which ones arrive first.

We'll need plenty as I've now roped no fewer than 5 other gamers into this mad pursuit, so both sets will see use when they arrive.  In the meantime, I've had these units painted for several days, and I can no longer wait to show them off.

L to R: Dervish, Panther, Warhammer.

Infantry: Pico Armor Russians.

I hope to knock out the Atlas this weekend and add it to the queue of painted 3mm Mechs waiting for bases.

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