Wednesday, March 11, 2009

SuperSystem 3rd ed. Update

I am pretty much working every day on SuperSystem 3rd edition, adding something here, changing something else there. I've decided to implement some of the changes to the post-battle scheme that I used in Chaos in Carpathia. Unlike SuperSystem 2nd ed. , the post-battle won't be a straight goal roll. You'll first make your Resolve goal roll, and for every 2 goals you score, you get a +1 to a D6 roll on one of two tables, KO and Coup de Grace. The latter tables carries a -2 penalty for the severity of being neck-stomped by some super-baddie. A good goal roll prior to rolling on this table can negate the chance of dying, but a poor roll means there will be plenty of drama when you roll that D6 and apply the -2 penalty.

The Cosmic Powers special event will still allow you to return from the dead at some later point if you're fortunate enough to have that going when you get gacked.

I think with this system dying will still be pretty rare, but there is more of a real chance of it than in previous iterations of the game.

Anybody think death should be even more prevalent in a supers miniature game? Perhaps I should include optional "enhanced lethality" rules that increase the penalty on the Coup de Grace table to -3 or even -4?

Feedback is appreciated!



  1. I like the idea for a more varied post battle sequence.

    I think death being prevalent is fine. But if you want to tone it down, keep an option for more lethality.

    Maybe make a penalty based on how many Vitality points "under" you are? I mean, if I had 1 VP left and lost 4, I would get a -3 penalty on my goal roll in recovery. This would likely be a very lethal change though.

    Please, please, please, please for the love of all that is interesting do not dumb down the system like you did with Carpathia and Chronos. I have to assume you won't because building your own supers is the point (I think) but I had to throw that out there.

    Also, and maybe this is already covered elsewhere, why a 3rd Edition already? 2nd Edition didn't seem broken to me.

  2. More death is fine... as long as, like in comic books, coming back from the dead is pretty easy too.

  3. Thanks for the comments, folks!

    S3 will most certainly not be "dumbed down". The action sequence will be kept much the same as before, full character creation will be included, and all options will be on the table.

    As to the timing, by the time we get round to releasing 3rd ed. later this year, it will have been more than 3 years since 2nd ed. came out. Frankly, there are things about 2nd ed. that bother me as a designer.

    Turns take too long. Multiple attacks from single models with high AP mean too much standing around and getting beaten on by the opponent. Attacks will be limited to one per turn (costing 3 AP), and AP will still govern how far a model can move, and other maneuvers will have an AP cost. Many of these "fixes" have already appeared in the 2007 Holiday Special:

    Anyway, I appreciate any feedback that can help the process along. Keep it coming!


  4. Death in Superhero games should be much more prevalent. Of course the main heroes in comics don't die because readership would die off... :)

    But death should be a very real option. Not fearing death leads to stupid decisions with no consequences other than being beaten.

    I happen to like both CinC and ConC, leaving positive feedback for both on Wargame Downloads. But I also like SS as is.

    I'll have to read through the Holiday special. I have it, just have not gotten around to reading it in depth.

    Keep up the good work Mr. Pyle.

  5. Oh, don't get me wrong about Carpathia or Chronos. I like them both. They just aren't as detailed as SuperSystem. I really like the level of detail in S2.

    Will look to see if you already have it in one of the supplements, but be sure to have some sort of skill/power that allows two (or more) attacks. Fits nicely with gunslinger/machinegunner types.

    One other suggestion for you for now: Get a forum set up. Yahoo Groups is ok, but a dedicated forum is much more user friendly.

    Looking forward to hearing more.

  6. The increased chance of death seems cool. If worst comes to worst they could re-use the same model and base stats and claim it's someone else taking up the mantle of the fallen hero.

    I'm not a big fan of restricting the models to a single attack per turn. It makes SuperSystem play closer to HeroClix if you do it.

    With only a single attack possible you could scrap the Action Points entirely and just make them into a movement rating.

    I really don't like the idea. Action points is one of the things that made SuperSystem stand out, giving you flexibility turn to turn. Do you charge headlong, or do you stand your ground and pound on them with everything you got ?