Friday, October 4, 2013

Chaos Bike

Photographing this thing was not fun. Building it was. If you fudge the trees like I did there isn't any serious engineering. Some tube and bits and there you go. I have a few more unpainted. I had a concept for a really biker heavy force but that got scaled down to a nice unit. I am going to spend the points for everything in the army to be mounted. I had a vague idea of a renegade legion that perpetually rode a massive highway that circled the equator of some blighted industrial planet. They would lean toward Slaneesh or Slanesh or Slade or whatever, but not be sophisticated enough to go all the way.
Three more to go. Scott posted in progress pics of a Kenner Rebel Shuttle I was converting for use with 15mm Sci Fi. That beast is finally ready for paint. I even bought an airbrush. Stand by for alot of wailing and gnashing of teeth as I get that going. Preshading soon!


  1. Very cool. Give one ape hangers!

  2. Awesome work, Sky! I love the muted, gritty palette, too.